Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hi Sorry there have been no updates for a few months, I have been having had problems with my website.

Here is the latest photos of my work.

Family visit


Slowly taking shape


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Session 9 only half day, started carving the LH side of the face

Session 10 continued carving the LH side of the face

Session 10 continued carving the LH side of the shoulder

Session 11 started  carving the RH side of the face

Session 12 turned the stone around so I could better get the balance of the head shape and shape the RH shoulder

Session 13 carved the lower RH side

Session 13 looking down the stone you can see the shaping of the lower part of the stone

This is one of Judes exhibition pieces a Hare in Alabaster

I've started drawing a few ideas for the lettering this is one idea, I'm going to practice on a plaster tablet so I can get the letters styled right before carving the stone.  I have got enough stone if I make a mistake, but as I have found mistakes take a long time to correct.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Session 7
 Session 8

After looking at the work I have done, I noticed that carving the stone lying down, I've managed to flatten the head and the beak is embedded in the stone, a lot more than I intended.  Fortunately there is enough stone around the head to rotate the head and see more of the eagles head.